Joe Harris

Joe Harris


Born: January 11, 1870, Lewiston, Maine

Death: June 11, 1953, Hollywood, California

Appeared in the following fourteen (14) John Ford films: Hell Bent (Unversal, 1918), Three Mounted Men (Universal, 1918), Riders of Vengeance (Universal, 1919), The Outcasts of Poker Flat (Universal, 1919), Ace of the Saddle (Universal, 1919), A Gun Fightin' Gentleman (Universal, 1919), Marked Men (Universal, 1919), Bare Fists (Universal, 1919), A Fight for Love (Universal, 1919), Rider of the Law (Universal, 1919), Hitchin' Posts (Universal, 1920), Sure Fire (Universal, 1921), The Wallop (Universal, 1921), The Freeze-Out (Universal, 1921)

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