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The Beauty In Microscopic Diatomaceous Earth Symmetric Formation

diatomaceous earth food grade reviewDiatomaceous earth also known as D.E. comes from diatoms. Diatoms are a type of fossilized phytoplankton or algae which uses silica from their surroundings to make their shells. They are one celled and are the main source of food for most of the marine life. Diatomaceous earth comes from the cells of fossilized diatoms and has been around since prehistoric times.


These fossilized diatoms have been around for ages, and can be found in the oceans, in freshwater, in soils and even on damp surfaces. Most of them do live in open water but most of them live as surface films in water sediments. Diatoms are a part of a big group called heterokonts, and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Aside from their biological wonder, they are also spectacular works of art. Although they can only be viewed under a microscope, seeing their beautiful near-symmetrical arrangements is definitely worth it.


It is now appropriate to understand what exactly diatomaceous earth is. D.E. is a fossil that has been ground into a very fine powder similar to talcum powder. These fossils contain silica which has great health benefits. It comes in two different types – food grade and industrial grade. The food grade type is safe for human and pet consumption while the industrial grade is toxic for human and pet consumption.


Diatomaceous earth contains silica in huge percentages. Silica comes in different forms which include sand, quartz, clay and emerald and is used for so many purposes. The human body is in constant need of minerals. The food that humans consume contains minerals but not enough for the body. This is where silica comes in. It is one of the most important mineral to the human body and plays an important role in mineral absorption in the body.


The Alarming quantities of Silica in Diatomaceous Earth give it these benefits.

-Helps in the fight with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is usually caused by a buildup of aluminum in the brain. It has been found that silica reduces the accumulation of aluminum. Consumption of D.E. which is high in silica can help ward off Alzheimer’s.


-Boosts the immune system.
Silica helps the body to produce antibodies that help the body in fighting bacteria, viruses and allergens. It also fights off anything that the body views as foreign. It is because of this response to harmful stimuli in the body that helps boost the immune system.


-Helps promote skin health
It is often used as toothpaste and an exfoliator because it is a strong abrasive. Skin exfoliation is important because it helps in removing dead skin cells. This dead skin cells are what makes a person look tired and have worn out skin. Silica also aids in healthy skin, nails, hair and teeth.


-It supports lung and heart health
Diatomaceous earth offers positive cholesterol levels and this is good because it encourages good heart health. It contains nutrients such as magnesium, sodium, iron and calcium which are all good for the heart.


-Cleanses the body internally.
The same way it acts as an abrasive externally, it acts the same way internally. It helps remove intestinal invaders and any other harmful substances from the digestive system.


-Natural pesticide.
It is a natural pesticide as it is used to kill harmful insects that threaten crops and pets.


Knowing the benefits of Diatomaceous earth, what follows next are some of its uses


-Facial scrubs and used as masks
-Used with toothpaste for extra deep cleaning.
-Hair nourishing because it strengthens and thickens hair.
-Food storage. Adding it to grains and legumes helps prevent spoilage.
-Nails strengthening. It contains calcium which helps strengthen nails.


This is clearly one product worth having around. It has so many uses and benefits that one cannot afford to ignore them.

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